About Us

Apparisk was founded in 2015 to bring an Internet technology solution to corporate safety risk management. Today, it is recognized that safety risk management is critical in operational efficacy and Software-as-a-Service solution for safety risk management.

Combining best-in-class safety risk management and operational process expertise and technology with proven and robust workflow management capabilities, Apparisk in June 2015 introduced its all-in-one safety risk management (SRM) solution to deliver deep and broad visibility into manpower, operational and risk for activities.

Headquartered in Singapore, Apparisk has regional aspirations in the Southeast Asia region and beyond.

Apparisk stands apart from the crowd because of our firm footing in service and support for our partners and clients. Apparisk certified consultants have the industry expertise and know-how to help companies evaluate, manage and report safety risk management and risk information seamlessly across the enterprise.

Our Client

Our clients are our best testimonial for the quality of work we perform

Our Vision

To transform the way companies manage safety risk management and be the best cloud-based risk management platform available.

Our Mission

To help companies better analyze, manage and report safety risk information by empowering them with an innovative, single Cloud solution that integrates business processes seamlessly across the enterprise to deliver deep and broad visibility.